Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is ANTARA FOTO?

    ANTARA FOTO is part of Perum LKBN Antara which provides a wide selection of photos, such as Events, Politics, Economics, Social, Sports, Arts and Culture, Story Photos, and historic photo archives. You can get photos according to your needs, be it for editorial and news or for creative needs (special license). Simply by registering between, you can immediately make transactions safely and comfortably.

  2. How to register in ANTARA FOTO?

    Follow these steps to register an account or create a new account on ANTARA FOTO:

    1. Click the "Topmost User" menu
    2. You can register using your Google account.
    3. If you don't have an account yet, please click Register
    4. If you don't want to use a Google account to register, please complete your Name, Email, Password and Password Confirmation, click human verification and agree to terms of use, then click the "Register" button
    5. If you already have an account, please log in on Login Page with a Google Account you or your email and password.

  3. What if I forget my password?

    On page Login or Register, click "Forgot Password?", then follow the next instructions.

  4. What products does ANTARA PHOTO offer?

    ANTARA FOTO has a wide selection of photos, ranging from Events, Politics, Economy, Social, Sports, Cultural Arts, Photo Stories to historic photo archives.

  5. What types of licenses does ANTARA FOTO offer?

    ANTARA FOTO offers 2 types of photo licenses/permits, namely editorial/news licenses and special licenses

  6. What is an "Editorial/Reporting License"?

    Editorial/Reporting License is a license to use photos that can only be used for news or editorial purposes, usually used as a complementary illustration in writing an article or other type of writing that has news value in it, whether hard news, feature or investigation.< /p>

  7. What is a "Special License"?

    Special license is permission to use images for purposes other than a Reporting License, usually used for creative needs.

  8. What falls under the category of "Special License"?

    Included in a special license are:

    1. Exhibitions; an activity of presenting works of art to be communicated so that they can be appreciated by the wider community
    2. Publishing; included in the publishing/publishing category include:
      1. Biography
      2. History book
      3. Textbook
      4. Coffee table book
      5. Complementary illustrations of writing/scripts
      6. Calendar
      7. Annual Reports
      8. Limited publication for the internal needs of institutions/institutions/companies
    3. Personal Collection
    4. Commercial and Advertising; which are included in the Commercial and Advertising categories include:
      1. Ads in newspapers, tabloids and magazines
      2. Video footage for TV commercials, social media, films, documentaries
      3. Web banners; in-house and paid advertising
      4. Social media (non-motion); in-house, paid advertising, endorsements
      5. Product and or packaging
      6. Print advertising; billboards, videotrons, moving vehicles, posters, brochures, flyers, banners, banners, standing banners, and the like

  9. Do I need to include photo credit?

    Required. Each ANTARA photo has a Copyright and is protected by Copyright Law, so CUSTOMERS must include the credit title "ANTARAFOTO/Photographer's Name" on each photo used.

Account Settings

  1. How do I update account information?

    Please login and go to your "Profile" menu, update the information and save it.

  2. How do I change a new password?

    Please login and go to your "Profile" menu, change your password and save it.

  3. How do I see the transactions I've made?

    Please login and enter the "Order" menu

  4. Can my account be signed in on multiple devices at the same time?

    Your account can be signed in to multiple devices at the same time.

  5. Where can I read the terms and conditions for buying and using photos on the ANTARA FOTO website?

    You can read on the page Terms of Use

Purchases and Payments

  1. How do I order photos in ANTARA FOTO?

    Please login and go to your "Profile" menu, update the information and save it.

  2. How do I see what orders I have placed?

    Please login and enter the "Orders" menu. All your orders are in this menu.

  3. How do I download my purchased photos?

    Please login and go to the "Download" menu. You can download all the assets that you have purchased.

  4. What payment methods are available?

    We accept payments as follows:

    1. Bank Transfer - Virtual Account
      1. BCA
      2. Mandiri
      3. BNI
      4. BRI
      5. CIMB Niaga
      6. Danamon
      7. Permata Bank
      8. Maybank
    2. Paypal
    3. Credit Card - Visa/Mastercard/Amex
    4. E-Wallet
      1. Dana
      2. Ovo
      3. Link Aja
      4. Shopee Pay

  5. Can I buy using a credit card?

    You can. You can use a credit card on Paypal or in person.

  6. How do I cancel a transaction after placing an order?

    If you want to cancel the order before paying, you can cancel the order or not make the payment.

  7. How do I get a refund for my canceled payment?

    No way. Because our product is a digital asset, you cannot cancel an order that you have purchased.

  8. Is there a discount or promo code / voucher available for purchases at ANTARA FOTO?

    ANTARA PHOTO can provide certain vouchers or discounts at certain moments.

  9. Can I return or exchange a product that I have purchased?

    No way. Because our product is a digital asset, you cannot return or exchange the ordered product that you have purchased.

  10. How do I contact Customer Service?

    Please visit Contact Us

Use of Photos

  1. Can I purchase a photo break from this service?

    No way. The use of photos is only for one time use and ANTARA does not allow photos that have been used to be reused for other purposes.

  2. What happens if you violate the Terms and Conditions that have been set?

    Can give rise to the rights of ANTARA to sue CUSTOMERS for copyright infringement through legal channels.

  3. Can I purchase a photo at a custom size?

    I can't.

  4. Can I change the original caption of the photo I purchased?

    You can, as long as you don't change/twist the meaning of the description/integrity of the photo and the photo is not used for things that violate the law, harm the State and the Nation, can cause chaos, can offend the moral/religious feelings of a person or protected group

  5. Is ANTARA FOTO responsible for the Property and or Model Release?

    No. Property and Model Release are the responsibility of the CUSTOMER or photo user.